Hitesh Panchal
® Engineering Systems is competitive company dedicated towards quality production of Dewatering Machinery (Dewatering Screw Presses) . The core objective of the company is to deliver the high quality products to the customers across the globe & gained reputation in the market through customer satisfaction & appreciation of product quality.

Jash Engineering Systems is driven with an experienced, qualified, skilled people. Jash Engineers know very well that what is dewatering. Moreover , the visionary Mr. Hitesh Panchal is heading the management who believes in TQM model & implemented KAIZEN process in the company’s production. Under the leadership of Mr. Hitesh Panchal, the company has done the tremendous growth & reached from National level to International level. As a result, Jash Engineering Systems has prestigious clients spread across the globe like developing country like India to developed country like U.S.A.

Jash Engineering Systems is one of the major reputed Dewatering systems company in India manufacturing the dewatering screw press machine With management having experience in the field since last 3 decades. Jash Engineering Systems continuously compete for being top in the customer satisfaction & product quality. Jash Engineering Systems is a growing company. It has been started long back with targeting the local market & now reaching the international market to deliver the best quality screw presses, Squishing machines products.

Qualities, Service & Transparency are the main focus area in the growth agenda of Jash Engineering Systems.

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Jash Engineering Systems