Jash Dewatering Systems - Customized Solutions

Every human being is a unique in its own nature & each has its own specific needs. We at Jash Engineering Systems have accepted this truth very well; as a result, we treat each of our customer demand as a new challenge. There are different applications of dewatering so as the need. We do provide custom built machinery precisely meeting to your specific requirements.

Few essential parameters for design are:

  • Material to be processed
  • Moisture specification - Inlet and Final Moisture
  • Capacity - Quantity of wet material required to be dewatered in an hour
  • Production quantity required
These are few factors which will help us to manufacture design meeting your specific requirement. Some of the aspects determined for dewatering screw machine are:
  • Number of screws - single or twin
  • Type of drive and control - driven by infinitely variable speed or electrical
  • Control unit : Mechanical / Pneumatic
  • Type of screws : Conical / Cylindrical
  • Type of screen perforation
  • Reinforcement of screens with support caging
  • Material used in entire or parts of the construction : mild steel or stainless steel
If you need any specific dewatering screw press, we would glad to help out you with your custom design & specification. You can contact us with the above specific details or you can simply contact us to share your requirements and our engineers will help you out to meet your requirement.